My Portfolio

Hello and welcome to my portfolio page!

Below are a few samples of the write ups I’ve made over the years, grouped according to category.

Under Category A, Content Writing and Copywriting, you will find descriptions and reviews of products and services, news, sample social media posts, essays (published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the most-respected and widely-read newspaper in the country), book reviews, short stories (published in The Philippines Graphic, the country’s leading newsweekly and literary magazine), and miscellaneous content.

Under Category B, Copy Editing, Content Editing, and Proofreading, you will find a sample of a product description which I have edited.

A. Content Writing and Copywriting:

1. Descriptions and reviews of products and services:

2. News:

3. Social media posts:

4. Essays (Published in The Philippine Daily Inquirer):

5. Book reviews:

6. Short stories (Published in The Philippines Graphic):

7. Others:

B. Copy Editing, Content Editing, and Proofreading