About Me

cropped-profile-photo.jpgHi, I’m Dante O. Cuales, Jr., a freelance writer, content creator, and blogger based in Cebu, Philippines.

I have been a published writer since 2013. My stories and articles have appeared in The Philippines Graphic, the country’s leading newsweekly and literary magazine, The Philippine Daily Inquirer, the country’s most-respected and widely-read newspaper, and The Freeman, one of Cebu’s top dailies.

I am also a content creator. I have been creating content for websites for some time now in the form product and service reviews. My clients come from different industries – hotels, spas, Visa agencies, safari companies, cooking and heavy equipment manufacturers, and Internet businesses.

I have also been blogging for close to 15 years now. I started in 2003 before blogging became a concept. My platform was Angelfire (remember this?), and then eventually I used Blogger and WordPress. I still regularly blog here. I’m proud to say that this has been featured once by WordPress’ Freshly Pressed.

Let me know if you are in need of a freelance writer. You may view my portfolio here: My Portfolio.

Thank you.