We Made It Through Day One of Lambda School’s Computer Science Course


We made it through the first day of Lambda School‘s Computer Science Major course. We were so anxious to begin the program that we couldn’t sleep last night. Nor were we able to sleep the night before that, so we were more than a little groggy coming into the class. Our excitement and anxiety were so high that we were able to carry ourselves through the day without bingeing on coffee or Red Bull.


Our topics were User Interface and Responsive Design. Specifically, we learned about HTML and some intermediate CSS stuff. I don’t really have a very good grasp of the fundamentals of CSS, so I struggled to catch up. Many of us probably did.

But it quickly became apparent to us that the curriculum is world-class. And the team behind the cohorts — the instructors, curriculum developers, and project managers — were super skillful and friendly. We were also given loads of resources, guidance, and tools, so that we really don’t have any excuse not to succeed, because everything’s already given to us. All that’s required is for us to put in the work.



Three major things I’ve learned:

  1. We really need to read up ahead on each of the topics so that we’ll be able to keep up with the live instructions, exercises, and challenges.
  2. That means we should be either coding or reading and learning about coding in our spare time.
  3. And, being challenged, stumped, and even overwhelmed are good things, because they will force you to see your weaknesses and the areas you need to focus on.

We also made lots of friends from different parts of the United States. Bel and I belonged to different sub-cohorts of 8 to 9 students each, and we really liked our project managers and peers.


So one day down, 130 days to go!


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