My Life As An Aspiring Software Engineer

Major News

Major news! I’m renaming this blog.

I know exactly what you’re thinking: Again!? Didn’t you just rename this blog not too long ago?

Yes, I did. Last January, to be exact. But I feel I need to do this again because my plans have changed. Or rather, my life has recently taken quite an unexpected turn. I’m talking about Lambda School. You’ve “heard” me mention the school in previous posts (here and here), and I’ve already announced the great news a few weeks ago here. But I’ll say it again:

My wife and I have been accepted in Lambda School’s full-time Computer Science Major course! This is a dream come true for us, for joining Lambda was initially impossible for us since we’re not US residents.

The program will last for 6 months. It will begin tomorrow and end in October, so by October, we’ll become full-stack Software Engineers. How awesome is that?

So for 6 months, our heads will be filled with nothing but codes, codes, and more codes, and I won’t have enough time to do what I intended to with TechEasy, which was to write short articles that will make topics in technology, entrepreneurship, and startups easier to understand. I have no doubt that these will be the longest 6 months of our lives, because Software Engineering and Computer Science are extremely difficult to learn, especially for us who have virtually zero background in coding and technology. My wife, Bel, finished Marketing in university, while I finished Psychology and Nursing. So we are absolute beginners coming into Lambda School, although we did undergo their precourse, which was their Web Development Mini Bootcamp that lasted three weeks. That was our first exposure to JavaScript and CSS. Back in college, I taught myself basic HTML, creating websites and blogging before there were Blogger and WordPress. But those were the early days of HTML and a lot has changed since then.

Hence this need to rename this blog anew. I’ve chosen My Life As An Aspiring Software Engineer because I can’t think of any other name that’s more catchy than that, and it captures perfectly what I intend to do with this blog moving forward. I will share with you my journey to becoming a software engineer/developer/programmer. I will tell you about the topics and lessons we’ll cover and learn, and the struggles we will undergo. I’m sure the road ahead will be brutal, so right now I’m taking a very deep breath before plunging head-first into the world of programming tomorrow.

Why We’re Doing This

You may be asking, if Software Engineering is so hard, why study it at all?


Well, first of all, because we love technology. We’re fascinated by it and we’d love to become great and skilled at it. Second of all, because we want to dramatically change our finances. We aim to earn big so that we can do a lot of great things for our kids and family. We see Lambda School as a key to unlocking a lot of doors for our lives — big income, savings, investments, starting startups, traveling the world, and many others. It sounds audacious but that’s our plan, and because of Lambda School that dream of ours is now closer than ever, and more concrete, rather than abstract. And finally, because we want to be able to create/do a lot of side projects that may lead to a great startup company.

Time For Other Things

Besides studying in Lambda School, I hope to still have time to do the other things I used to do: reading books, writing short stories, and doing freelance writing work.

So, if you can, please pray for my wife and I that we may be able to handle the challenges that await us and finish the course on time. Our goal is not just to complete the course but become excellent and awesome Software Engineers as well.


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