What’s Cooler Than A Book Club? A Philosophy Reading Club!

Frederick CoplestonHey, there!

This is not tech-related, but no less interesting.

Interested in philosophy? (We all should be, right? After all, it’s endlessly fascinating, intellectually-enriching, and perennially relevant and important.) Then you might want to join this new and exciting online club, the Philosophy Reading Club.

You will be reading through the 11-volume “A History of Philosophy” by Frederick Copleston, widely considered to be the best series on the history of philosophy out there. (Copleston was a Catholic priest and one of the best philosophers of his time.)

The club has just began reading the first volume (Greece and Rome From the Pre-Socratics to Plotinus) so now is the perfect time to join.

Author Brandon Vogt started the group.


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