YouTube star Casey Neistat’s tech company is closing down

Popular YouTuber and vlogger Casey Neistat’s tech company, Beme, is closing down.

In an announcement he made today over Twitter and YouTube, Neistat said that he will no longer be part of Beme.

He co-founded Beme with Matt Hackett back in 2014 and it was launched as a mobile app. However, the company was not able to reach profitability. In late 2016, it was acquired by CNN and Neistat and Hackett stayed on to steer the company to a new direction. Their primary aim was to build a digital news channel that targets a young audience, thus they created content in YouTube and built up their followers. They also built software products. However, all this was not enough for the company to maintain its independence.

CNN will absorb much of Beme’s team, but it will let go others. It will also continue its YouTube channel and utilize its mobile products.


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