Seven indispensable skills for the 21st century (Or, I want to learn how to code!)

If I had lots of money and time, I’d love to learn these:

  1. Computer Science/ coding/ software programming and design;
  2. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks;
  3. Digital marketing and e-commerce;
  4. Augmented reality and virtual reality;
  5. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies;
  6. Internet of Things; and
  7. Graphic design.

I think some of these knowledge areas and skill sets will become more and more relevant, and eventually indispensable, in the coming years. That is, they are skills we cannot not have. We won’t be able to avoid them, and we won’t be able to survive if we don’t learn them, because the jobs of the future will require them.


There is this awesome coding school that I really would love to enroll in, Lambda School. They have this program that gives you the option to study now and pay later, in the form of a monthly deduction from your salary. They offer two 6-month long courses as of the moment: Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. Once they accept you, you don’t need to pay the tuition fee upfront. You only pay them if you get hired, and only if your salary exceeds a particular figure. Meaning, if you get hired but your salary is not that high, you won’t have to pay them back. And the payment is only 17% for 1-2 years. A great deal, right? You don’t need to apply for a loan.

So that means that if you do get in to their school (and their acceptance rate by the way is low; they’re looking for quality students), you’ll be a software engineer, programmer, or designer after 6 months! How cool is that? Their graduates, by the way, are highly sought after, so that once they finish the 6 months, they immediately are offered high paying jobs.

I only have one problem, though: they only offer their program to US residents. I live in the Philippines, so I’m not eligible for the $0 upfront. If you’re a non-US resident, you can still enroll, but you will have to pay the tuition fee upfront, and that’s $20,000. In Philippine peso, that’s exactly one million. Too expensive!

There are free options out there, of course, in the form of coding bootcamps. The most popular of these are probably Codecademy, Free Code Camp, and The Odin School. You can probably get a basic grasp of coding from those schools, but I believe Lambda School is still unsurpassed in the quality of its curricula, instruction, training, and results. All of their instructors come from Ivy League schools and big tech companies: Stanford University, UC Berkeley, NASA, Hack Reactor, and many more.

If ever I do decide and manage to enroll in a coding school like Lambda, it will surely pave the way to a major career shift. I will probably spend the rest of my life as a full-stack software engineer (that sounds so cool!), and work on side projects which might lead to businesses.

Oh well. I hope Lambda will soon expand internationally, and find a way to help non-US residents afford world-class computer science education.


2 thoughts on “Seven indispensable skills for the 21st century (Or, I want to learn how to code!)

  1. I’m using Free Code Camp- it’s great for getting the basics of a front-end or indeed full-stack skill set. You can also see if you’d actually like coding before putting out lots of money on a boot camp.

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