TechEasy: Making Technology Easy

I really liked the name What the Tech? for this blog. I thought it was clever and highly original. Well, it turned out that it wasn’t really very unique. There are almost a dozen “What the Tech” pages in Twitter. I bet there’s also an equal number of those pages in Facebook. Someone also already took the domain name whatthetech dot com.

I wanted a title that captured and conveyed the idea of making the topics of technology, entrepreneurship, and startups easier to understand. “What the Tech?” seemed to perfectly capture that idea. It’s both an expression of curiosity (as in, “What is tech?”) and a manifestation of exasperation (as in, “What the heck is tech?”), because, let’s face it, sometimes technology is perplexing.

But an alternative name has to be found because many blogs, pages, and even vlogs have already taken it or are already using it.

Hence, I think I’ll just settle for TechEasy: Making Technology Easy. It’s not as edgy or clever, but it captures the idea I talked about above. There are also TechEasy pages in Twitter, but at least the domain techeasy dot com is still available.

Here’s the (tentative) logo:

I have a passion for technology and the startup world. But I’m not a software engineer nor a designer. I’m not a Computer Science graduate nor anyone with any formal background or training in computers. What I do have is an unquenchable curiosity of and fascination with everything related to startups and tech. My favorite pages in Twitter are those by Y Combinator, Paul Graham, Sam Altman, Jessica Livingston, Michael Seibel, Brian Chesky, Lambda School, Austen Allred, Hacker News, Hacker News YC, TechCrunch, Indie Hackers, Fast Company, Inc, The Verge, Futurism, and many others. I’m also a fan of podcasts, and I consume — no, devour — them daily, especially during my drive to and from the city where I live. My favorites are those by Y Combinator, Wall Street Journal Tech News Briefing, Tech Crunch Spoken Edition, The Indie Hackers Podcast, The Twenty Minute VC, Masters of Scale by Reid Hoffman, Tribe of Mentors by Tim Ferris, and others.

And here I come to the value I believe I can provide in this vlog. Technology can sometimes be confusing or difficult to grasp. For example, do you know what cryptocurrencies are and how blockchain technology works? Me neither, that is, until a few months ago when I actually took the time to read a book that explained what they are. I’ve heard of Bitcoin and Ethereum for a long time before reading that book, and I never understood what they actually are. I even attended a startup conference and one of the founders of a company that traded in cryptocurrencies talked at length about blockchain and none of the things she discussed registered in my brain.

I think that my being a non-tech person, far from being a liability, is actually an asset for me, because I will be looking and writing about technology from the vantage point of a layman. I will be able to explain things in simpler terms, with minimum jargon. I will be able to discuss tech and related topics in ways people like myself will be able to understand.

And it’s crucial for us to understand technology because we live in a world pervaded by it. We cannot not learn and comprehend it.

So there. I can’t wait to start writing about tech.

In the coming days, I will start publishing in this blog articles on tech and will spread them through social media. I hope you can follow along and journey with me as we understand and learn technology together.


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