Reading Jane Sincero’s You Are a Badass

Currently reading You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero.

Basically, it’s a practical book that aims to help the reader overcome the psychological barriers that prevent her from living a full and awesome life.

The title is catchy, yes, and it does contain some interesting and useful suggestions, but I’m bothered (and annoyed) by a few things:

1. It’s too “New Age-y”. The author keeps on referring to “The Universe” as if it is a person, conscious and capable of making decisions.

2. It talks about “Source Energy”, “vibrations”, and “The Law of Attraction”.

3. It claims that time is an illusion.

4. The author occasionally swears and cusses.

I’ve never bought into New Age philosophy, and the Universe is not a person. So it’s not aware of itself nor is it capable of caring about people. The Universe is not God. 

I also don’t believe in “The Law of Attraction”. 

It’s simply silly to say that time is illusory.

And I just find swearing off-putting.

But the book does have some useful advice, such as the importance of examining our paradigms and letting go of self-defeating beliefs, not allowing people’s opinions about us to determine our sense of self-worth, and choosing to focus on the more positive and beautiful aspects of experience.


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