I Just Started Vlogging!


I’ve been watching Casey Neistat’s vlogs for many months now. Man, they are so addictive! Casey is one of the most interesting and inspiring persons I’ve ever seen on the Internet.

His vlog prompted me to start my own YouTube channel and make my own vlogs. It’s called The Cuales Family Vlog and here’s the first episode:

Here’s the description:

This is our first-ever vlog! We are a Filipino family living in Cebu, an island south of Manila. We’re doing this, vlogging, for several reasons:

1. We want to document our kids’ formative years. Our son, Luke, is almost 5, and our daughter, Lizzy, just turned 3. We want to give them something they can look back to when they are older, namely these videos, so that they’ll see what they looked like, how they talked, and what they talked about. That’s more awesome than merely having photos of their childhood years.

2. We want to develop our English communication skills by constantly speaking the language while we’re vlogging.

3. We want to compel ourselves to be creative as frequently as possible.

4. We want to show our viewers what it’s like to live in the Philippines, and in particular, Cebu City, at least from our perspective.

5. We are just huge fans of Casey Neistat!

Music: Meant to Be by Arc North (feat. Krista Marina)


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