Why write this book?

Our second homework for the first week asks the question, Why write this book?

Okay, so I came up with several book concepts but, obviously, I can only write one book at a time. I choose the first book concept: a collection of short stories or flash fiction.

Here’s my reason for choosing this book concept:

Heart Homework (Week 1):

Why write this book?

Well, because isn’t fiction-writing so exciting?

It’s one of the most exciting and thrilling things you can do as a writer, because you have the power to create characters “out of thin air,” as it were. It’s almost like you’re playing God, by creating a person (albeit a fictional one) out of nothing, and placing him in a situation and seeing him interact with his environment and with other people.

And that situation, and the dialogue, monologue, or events that will follow will reveal meaning and a few other things.

For example, if you’re a fiction writer, you can come up with a totally random story like this right now:

He was looking forward to a quiet, safe night, and he had it all figured out: He will go see that movie that’s showing somewhere downtown. It’s a relatively boring art film made my a relatively unknown writer and director in a relatively unexciting venue — a museum. So the evening promises to be very uneventful, and that’s exactly how he likes it.

He arrived at the place at a quarter to seven. He bought popcorn and soda at the lobby and proceeded to look for his seat at the azotea of the museum. It was not hard to find — his seat, that is. The seats were numbered and almost all of them were unoccupied. He sat down, heaved a sigh of relief, and smiled.

The scent of wild flowers preceded the appearance in his field of vision of a lady with long hair and blue jeans. The scent and appearance jolted his sense of smell and sense of sight simultaneously, because the former was utterly pleasant and the latter utterly beautiful. She sat directly in front of him and she is alone.

What the hell? was his only thought.

This was followed by, “This is so unfair. This is so not right. I did not want this. How could this happen to me? I don’t deserve this. Who is she?”

The lady looked out of place. She was such a contrast to everything around her because, although she sat perfectly still and spoke not a word, she brimmed with life, energy, and “new-ness”.

One thing’s for sure, this night was going to be the very opposite of uneventful.

And from there you can expand the story to who knows where. Persons are born and whole worlds are opened up.


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