Book Concepts

Our first homework for week 1 is all about book concepts.

I’ve come up with a few for myself:

Head Homework (Week 1):

1. A collection of short fiction (or flash fiction). Probably 90 in number. With varied themes or which belong to different genres (e.g., horror, fantasy, drama, romantic comedy, etc.). Working title is “Ninety Stories”. Why? Because it’s often suggested that a writer gets better if he writes daily, so if I compel myself to write daily, I’ll get better, and getting better, and eventually becoming great, is my ultimate aim as a writer.

2. A collection of short fiction for kids. Working title is “Stories My Kids Tell Me”. Why? Because my kids love stories. They love to read stories. They love to be read aloud stories. They want to be told impromptu stories. And they want to hear stories with premises they themselves came up with. For example, just this evening, as me and my wife were putting our kids to bed, I asked my son, “What story do you want me to tell you tonight?” And he said, “I want a story about High Tech Jumper and a scary witch.” So I then reply, “Okay, this story is called High Tech Jumper and the Scary Old Witch.” And I would spin a tale out of thin air, “One evening, a superhero called High Tech Jumper, and his sister, a superhero named High Tech Flier, went on a holiday with their parents to a place in Europe called Romania. They were driving up a lonely road that led to a dark mountain…” I like to cultivate in my kids a healthy love for books, stories, and reading and one way I can do that, in addition to reading them stories often, is asking them every day what stories they want their Daddy to tell them, and then recording them in paper (or the computer), and then collect them as a book.

3. A book about radically following God. Working title is “Yes, God: How a Sinner Said “Yes” to God in Ninety Days”. Because I take my faith seriously.

4. An alternative would be, “Letters From a Saint”. So it will be a series of letters to a sinner…

5. Also, another concept would be a book with this title, “Letters From a Billionaire,” and it will be a business/personal finance/success book packaged as a work of fiction.

I just realized that ideas beget ideas. The more you come up with book concepts, the more other ideas and/or concepts will emerge from your subconscious mind.


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