A belated New Year’s writing resolution

Well, hello!

It’s been ages since last I posted an update on this blog. Well, I was extremely busy last year, with family, business, and Toastmasters-related matters.

I have to say that 2015 was not a very productive year for me as a writer. Remember what I said about making it to the Silliman University National Writers’ Workshop? Well, it didn’t happen. Remember what I said about publishing 3 short stories in a national magazine or anthology? Well, that didn’t happen, either. And remember what I said about my other goals? Publishing poems and essays? Those didn’t materialize, either. So, yeah, it was a pretty sad year last year.

But guess what? I didn’t give up.

So I got a short story published in The Philippines Graphic last month, on its February 1 issue. It was a love story — an average guy falls in love with a highly intelligent girl. I named the protagonist after my son, Luke. The title is “Too Logical”. So I’m pretty happy.

And I’m enjoying Toastmasters a lot. I enjoy writing speeches. And it’s such a thrill to deliver them. I love humorous speeches best of all. I actually won in our club contest early this year.  I competed in the Area level, and I placed second.

So my new year’s resolution (although it’s a bit late to be making this, but what the heck!) is simply this: to keep on writing, daily if possible. And to never give up.

If you’re a writer, you can’t give up as well!


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