George Saunders: Art’s got to be joyful

“In my twenties I’ve written 3 or 4 books that just were not that good and in all four cases it was because I was doing what I felt I should instead of what I felt like I really wanted to do. So for me art’s got to be joyful, without any explanation, without too much attempt to export anything, not politics, just the writer being in a state of some kind of joy while he’s doing it and then let everything else take care of itself after that.”


6 thoughts on “George Saunders: Art’s got to be joyful

  1. great post! great word of advice; i’ve always had trouble finishing something i started to write because I’d be editing it over and over as I’m too conscious trying to be clever around my piece. thanks! keep it up; you’re doing great.

  2. Another good one. I have found that writers and all artists tend to be depressed and dark by nature, especially when young. However, readers do not dark stuff as a rule. Most of all, find your own true voice, not someone else’s formula for writing.

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