This is the first time Dr. Martina Cruz has received this kind of request. She asked the client again to make sure she heard him right. “You’re saying you want glasses that distort and not clarify?”

“Precisely,” the client said.

“So your vision is 20/20?” the doctor said.

“Of course. If I were near-sighted or far-sighted, I wouldn’t have come here,” he said.

“But we don’t do that sort of thing here. We only give out glasses that clarify people’s vision. Ophthalmologists help people gain clearer eyesight, not the other way around,” she said.

“I’m sure you can give me the pair of glasses that I need. You must help me.”

“No one has ever heard of what you’re asking. Why on earth would you want to cloud your vision?”

“Well,” the client hesitated. “You see, I’m an artist, and artists are known to be extremely sensitive and emotionally volatile persons. When we perceive something — say, a captivating scenery, or a beautiful girl — we cannot rest until we have thoroughly exhausted our creative energies creating things that attempt to capture the beauty that we have experienced. I’m a poet, and I have a particular weakness for beautiful women. Each time I see a beautiful woman walking down the street or sitting in a cafe drinking tea, I am immediately thrown into the realm of Beauty, and I cannot sleep, talk to anyone, or eat properly until I have written the perfect sonnet for that particular girl. Sometimes, it takes me hours to do that. At other times, it takes me months. The last time this happened to me was almost a year ago. I saw this Swiss girl in a restaurant one day and I spent the next 6 months just trying to write a poem about her hair!”

“Is that the reason why you’re looking down at your shoes, sir?” the doctor said.

“Yes. I cannot risk another infatuation,” he answered.

“This is all very amusing,” she said, trying to suppress a giggle

“Amusing!” he exclaimed, looking up. “Listen, doc, there’s absolutely nothing funny about…” He lost the tail-end of his sentence.


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