The only power that Adrian has not been able to control is his ability to read minds. He doesn’t know how to turn it off. He knows how not to fly, he knows how not to see through walls, he knows how not to shoot laser beams from both his eyes, but he’s never been able to switch off his mind-reading skills at the appropriate time.

That is the reason why he always stayed away from Lena, the one girl in the office whom he really liked. He doesn’t want to intrude into her private thoughts. For him, she is a great mystery, and he wants to keep it that way.

But there was no avoiding Lena now. The car slowed down and came to a halt in front of him. “Hey,” she called out.

“Hey,” he said, waving his hand.

“Where are you heading?”

“Oh, just, home, I guess.”

“Hop in.”

“It’s okay, I can walk.”

“But it’s raining.”

“It’s only a drizzle.”

She laughed. “A drizzle?”

“Yeah.” He loved her laughter.

“Hop in, or you’ll be drenched.”

She was insistent. He peered into the car and despite the darkness saw that she was beaming with her smile. He could hardly breathe.

He wiped his forehead with his sleeve, opened the door, and took his seat. The first thought he “heard” Lena “say” was, “He knows my name.”


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