We never hear from them again,
those lepers whom God healed
in the New Testament. Jesus stopped
beside the road, bent His knee,
and touched the leper’s hand.
Then He touched his face and the
lesions fell like scales off
his skin. The crowd stepped away
from both of them. Then Jesus stood up
and walked on leaving the leper clean.
But we never hear from him again.
We never hear from those lepers
in the Gospel narratives ever again.
Inside the cold theater, my mind
picked up where the narrative ended:
Did the people around those lepers
continue thinking that they were still
unclean? If so, did they continue
staying away from them? Did they continue
shunning them every time they entered
the synagogue or the marketplace?
Did they continue to give them the cold shoulder,
did they continue averting their gaze?
I can only speculate. That part of history
will forever remain in the dark, just as I
remain here in the darkness of the theater.


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