A brief review of The Personal MBA by Josh Kaufman

The Personal MBAThis is a practical book which aims to help the reader get a good MBA education without going to business school. The author, Josh Kaufman, makes the claim that by reading the book and mastering its contents — he calls them “mental models” which basically are core concepts, principles, and theories about business — the reader will have a good knowledge base for making informed decisions as a business executive, manager, leader, entrepreneur, or business owner.

In the book’s introduction, Kaufman argues against MBA schools, saying that they are way too expensive and unnecessary. He advocates for a “personalized” kind of MBA education — a self-directed study of Business Administration, which he says is more inexpensive and rewarding.

In the early chapters of the book, Kaufman discusses what businesses are and how they function. He talks about the many aspects of a business, such as value creation, sales, marketing, value delivery, and so on. Midway through the book, he talks about psychology.

And in the remaining chapters, he talks about systems and systems theory.

I find the book very helpful. It helped me better understand the nature and function of business. However, I did not find the chapters about psychology very useful.

My rating: 4/5 stars


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