“Every Father Deserves His Own Study”

— this is something that occurs to me every now and then
and it strikes me now more forcefully as I stare at this painting
by Dale Kennington which I discovered completely accidentally.
All I want is a small corner or a small room that covers a few square meters

of space where I can have everything I need to function as a father and
breadwinner of my family: You know, just a small area where everything —
the smooth, wooden desk; the moderately-comfortable swivel chair;
the electronic typewriter; the telephone; the printer; the copy machine;

the side-table with the drawers; the filing cabinet; the white board;
the journals, ledgers, and logbooks; the boxes filled with files and old receipts;
the bookcases; the magazines; the newspapers; the stapler; the paper clips;
and the books on business administration, accounting, finance, marketing,

management and everything else — is within easy reach. It would be nice
to hang a few pretty paintings on the wall and keep a framed photo of my father
under the table lamp, next to the desktop computer unhooked from the Internet,
and it would be nice to have the door locked for a couple of hours at a time,

in between play time with the kids and dates with the wife. In the Kennington painting,
the father or breadwinner is not on his seat, and I suspect that his two hours
must be up, and he must now be in the living room with his children, laughing
while crawling down on all fours, pretending to be either a horse or a puppy.


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