What I Learned After Being “Freshly Pressed”

More than a month has passed since my poem “To All My Facebook Friends” appeared in Freshly Pressed, and I am still shocked by these figures. So far it has been:

1. “Liked” 930 times;
2. Re-blogged 117 times; and
3. Read in Facebook 380 times.

I have received more than 200 comments, each of which was so heart-warming, encouraging, and inspiring. And my followers shot through the roof — from just about 200, it ballooned to almost 1,800! Every time I open my blog, I feel like I’m standing on a stage facing an audience of 1,800 people, and I’m having stage fright! I often don’t know what to say or write.

All of these for a mere poem?

Here’s what I have learned: That writing is not a trivial activity. That words, art, fiction, and poetry matter!  They really do. You have no idea how your words will impact people, until you write them down and share them.

I will remember this the next time I will be tempted to think that what I’m doing is unimportant.


14 thoughts on “What I Learned After Being “Freshly Pressed”

    1. Hi Blondeusk,

      Thank you very much! 🙂 It blew me away. I didn’t even know what Freshly Pressed was. 😀

      I hope you’ll get Freshly Pressed, too!


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