“Seventy-Two Virgins”

Are the 72 virgins promised to Islamic jihadists
Really 72 in number, and not, say, 71 or 73?
Are they really virgins and does it really matter?
Are they beautiful? More importantly, are they even females?

Judging from the nature, extent, and severity of the pain
And horror that these terrorists have caused here on earth,
Wouldn’t it make more sense to picture these seventy-two virgins
As, not in fact “72 virgins”, but rather an “X number of creatures”

Who possess the same attributes that virgins or persons
In general also possess? Like say, intelligence and free will?
Moreover, wouldn’t it  make more sense to picture these creatures
As not at all innocent, beautiful, or charming (like female virgins),

But rather guilt-ridden, ugly, and repulsive in the extreme?
Beings who are likely to have fangs, and claws, and horns,
And tails, and wings, and bad breath, and pitch forks,
And knives, and flames for eyes, and snakes for tongues?


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