“Discovering Billy Collins”

All this time
I have always been
Secretly wishing

That I could find a
Poet who I could
Admire, someone whose

Words and ways of
Thinking I could
Easily fall for.

Most of the poems
That I’ve encountered
Are way too obscure.

But then I have never been
Very clever. So secretly
I longed to discover

A poet who I could
Decipher. Then I lifted
This book’s cover

And out jumped
The most poignant
And funny verses

I have read in a long
Time. I have found
My writer. Here is a guy

Who is way too clever
To be incomprehensible.
And he has a sense of

Humor. I cannot remember
The last time poetry
Made me laugh. I cannot

Recall the last time poetry
Filled me. How I wish this
Book would last forever.


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