I’ve been Freshly Pressed!

I’m so happy to receive this email from WordPress.com editor Ben Huberman a few days ago:

Hi, Dante,

I’ve selected your post ( https://bibliophilewannabe.wordpress.com/2014/09/21/to-all-my-facebook-friends-2/ ) for Freshly Pressed, a showcase where we feature editors’ picks and community favorites on WordPress.com.

I stumbled on your poem on a blog where it’s been reblogged, and found it nothing short of terrific — I love its rhythm, the ever-more-urgent repetition of “alternatively,” and the contrast you build between analog and in-person interaction and social media. I’m thrilled to share it with our readers.

Your post will appear at http://discover.wordpress.com/, which is accessible to logged-in WordPress.com users as well as visitors. If you’d like, you can add a “Featured by Freshly Pressed” badge to your site, which will appear in your widget configuration page in Appearance > Widgets once your post is published. Just click on the Freshly Pressed widget to add it to your sidebar and choose your style.

Your post is among a number of other excellent posts this week; watch for it to appear in the next several days. We tweet each editor’s pick on Twitter @freshly_pressed, so follow us to know when your post is up and also to discover the top reads of the day. I couldn’t find a Twitter account connected with your blog, but if you have I’d be happy to include it in our tweet — just let me know.

Thank you for being part of the biggest and best community of bloggers around the world. We’re proud to be the platform that makes your voice heard.

Ben Huberman

Awesome! I’m so honored and grateful! Thank you Ben and WordPress.com.

12 thoughts on “I’ve been Freshly Pressed!

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