For days rumors of aswangs, abats,
Engkantos, ghosts, dewendes, malignos,
Kapres, and other creatures of the night
Have been plaguing our household. As
Sweet revenge I downed a bottle of
Merlot. Lo and behold, all my fears
Are suddenly gone. Tonight I can win
Any stare-down with any of our supernatural
Neighbors: In fact, a while ago, I roamed our garden
And stared right into the deepest shadows
Of the coconuts plants, bushes, and shrubberies.
I stood in front of the mango trees and thought
In defiance, “Show yourselves to me, I dare you.
I promise you, there will be repercussions.
There will be war of a spiritual kind. I feel
I can hop onto whatever branch you may be
Perching on and stare right into your face,
Right into your eyes. For, you know, I am
A spirit, too, enclosed in matter.” And I hummed
A few prayers and called on Heaven
To descend on our mysterious little garden.


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