A new name, a fresh beginning!

Hi there!

Don’t be confused. I just renamed my blog. “Notes From a Bibliophile Wannabe” is now known as “Before I Became a Great Writer”.

It seems only fitting that I introduce myself anew:

My name is Dante O. Cuales, Jr. and I’m a writer.

I live in Cebu, an island in the Philippines, and I’m married to a beautiful girl named Bel. We have two kids — Luke Thomas, a toddler just over 2 years old, and Darci Elizabeth, an 8-month old baby.

I have a crazy dream. Do you want to know what it is? Well, it’s to be a great writer! Crazy, right? Audacious? Bold? Lofty? Yes, yes, and yes. But if you dream, you might as well dream big. And if you want to be a writer, you might as well be a great writer. So my dream is to be no less than a great writer — a great, prolific, best-selling, sought-after, award-winning writer of short stories, poems, essays, and novels.

If I have to break it down, my goal is this: To write every day and to come up every week with at least one short story and 1 poem.

And I want to get at least two short stories or three poems published in a national magazine or book anthology every year. I want to keep on doing that until I have at least a collection of a dozen stories and poems that I can publish in a book.

So far, I have already published two short stories (one last year and one this year) in the Philippines Graphic, a national newsweekly magazine here in our country. Early this year, one of my poems was published in Verses Typhoon Yolanda, a poetry anthology edited by US-based poet Eileen Tabios and published by Meritage Press. So that’s not a bad start, eh?

I also want to write essays on a regular basis for magazines and newspapers — in print and online. Maybe Inquirer. Maybe Rappler. Maybe SunStar.

And why not win a few literary awards as well? The Nick Joaquin Literary Award for Best Short Story? Heck, why not a Palanca, too?

So my aim is nothing less than writing excellence and greatness. The road before me is extremely long, but I’ll get there. The journey will be exciting, and I’ll savor the victories, and learn from the defeats.

I invite you to follow me in my road to writing greatness! Check back often. You can get in touch with me at dantecualesjr at yahoo dot com.


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