“Idol (2)”

He was unlike Narcissus in that he
did not content himself with merely
staring at his reflection on the pool. Yes,
he adored himself, but more than that, he

worshiped himself. So, one day, he made
an image of himself using clay. He fashioned
eyes, nose, ears, and mouth out of a previously
featureless face. He formed arms, legs, fingers,

and toes out of what used to be a shapeless trunk.
Then he coated it with silver and crowned it with
gold. He was pleased because it resembled him
in every way. Then he lay prostrate at its feet and

offered it prayers. But he suddenly couldn’t speak.
He couldn’t open his eyes, he couldn’t smell, he
couldn’t hear, he couldn’t feel. He was petrified out
of his wits, but he couldn’t even let out a scream.


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