Quote: Fr. Robert Barron

Fr. Robert Barron“The doctrine of the Trinity is implying that relationship — one in the other, being for the other — belongs to the very nature of God. What’s ultimately real, what’s really real, is being for the other. That’s the spiritual power of the feast day of the Holy Trinity. We’re not just trading in abstractions. We’re trying to name what’s really real, what’s ultimately real. And if the doctrine of the Trinity is right, the answer is — being for and with the other.

“Now, you might say, “Well, that’s all very interesting, but what does it have to do with me?” Well, in a word, everything. It has everything to do with you, because keep in mind that we are made in the image and likeness of God. Not any old God, but precisely this God — this Trinitarian relationship. We’ve been made in the image of that God. And therefore we are most ourselves, when we are most like God. Now do you see the spiritual and moral importance of this feast? Can you see how the essence of sin — of original sin — is precisely a closing off of relationship and an aggrandizing of the ego? Go back to those opening chapters of the book of Genesis. The serpent said to Adam and Eve as he proffers the apple, “You will be like God.” As you cling to godliness, as you refuse to obey the Lord, as you aggrandize your ego, you will be like God. The supreme irony is in that very moment they became unlike God. They became unlike the true God who is a set of relationships. In clinging to themselves, they became unlike God. And the evidence of this Fall is everywhere on display. Just look around you — look at the newspapers, look around your neighborhood. It’s the falling apart of relationship. Do you see it? The triumph of the ego over relationship — living for oneself that wins out over living for the other. That’s the core of sin. What you see up and down the ages is simply the out-flowing from that original Fall.”


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