NaPoWriMo 2014 Day 1: “An Ekphrastic Poem”







I asked you to take me to an art gallery
because my soul hungered for beauty
but instead you took me to a pharmacy.
“Do you not see a most perfect piece of art?”
you asked me. I looked around and saw only
the cans of milk, the rolls of tissue paper,
the stacks of diapers, the bottles of water,
and the boxes of medicine. “Do you not see
a thing of  pure beauty — a living, breathing,
moving sculpture?” And there behind the counter
we both beheld (we were breathless and motionless),
the work of art.  You talked a little too loudly
that I feared she might overhear your careless
remarks: “Only hands divine can chisel such
elegant elbows, such fine eyes, such perfect nose
and chin and cheeks, such exquisite lips.”
You were enthralled, but I was frightened,
so I fled the store in a state of panic.


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