“Kneel at Her Feet”







There must be a reason why
the two of you are here together —
unexpectedly, without prior designs.
In the midst of an ocean of people,
why do you find yourself sitting
only a chair away from her?
Why are you both sitting on the same row,
about to receive the same awards from
your school for both of your achievements?
Let me ask you pointblank, are you
mad about her? Do images of her face
haunt your conscious and subconscious moments?
Do her eyes and smile burn like lava
on the fabric of your thoughts?
Are your memories of her so thick
and so palpable that you can almost
see her materialize before your very eyes?
Is she there in front of you when
you are awake and is she still there
even when you are asleep?
Can you not drive away the sound
of her voice from your head?
Then, then, listen closely:
Right this instant, and not a second longer,
you must stand up and pursue her.
No, don’t walk; instead, run, run after her.
Chase her! Don’t rest, don’t sleep,
don’t hesitate, don’t stop until you find her.
Grow wings if you have to and fly to her.
Traverse the distance that separates you
from her, and then kneel, kneel at her feet.


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