“Let Me Ask You This”

Flower Art Digital Painting Background By Lucy Baldwin







Let me ask you this, now that
you are here again sitting under
the radiance of my light

(Where have you been, anyway,
and why has it taken you such
a long time to find your way again?),

why is it so hard for you
to listen to my voice? Why
is it so hard for you

to heed my call? To follow
what I commanded you? Wasn’t it I
who made you, fashioned you

from the earth, brought you
into being from nothing? Why
do my words burden you so?

Why do you resist me? Even
after repeatedly seeing the
results of your waywardness,

you still insist on your
own ways. Why? Tell me.
I’m here, right now, listening to you.

I’ll always be here, beside
you. So speak to me. Be quiet
in a corner and talk to me.


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