Flower Art Digital Painting Background By Lucy Baldwin







His fingerprints are still here —
the speakers on top of the cabinet

(they have never been touched since
so the distance between them remains
exactly the same);

the red lampshade
screwed into the wooden closet
on top of the computer monitor

(the angle remains exactly the same);

the swivel chair, the seat now torn open;
the English-Visayan dictionary that he used
for many of his talks; the framed photograph
of a foreign cargo vessel loaded with
container vans; the printer; the calendar;
the stacks of files and folders packed inside
the divider; the tool boxes below his desk;
his eye glasses; his bags and shoe boxes;

the electrical wires —
the electrical wires,

rolled, bundled, tied, and kept together
in a corner, hanging behind the door,
taped tightly between the windows
and up and down the walls.
Power adapters plugged
into sockets and extension cords.

The evidences are still here.
He lived here,
worked here,
slept here,
was here with us,
and time, faithful time
is washing them away


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