I’m joining the 2013 Cornelio Faigao Memorial Annual Writers Workshop

CFMAWWLast Friday, I received a letter from the director of the University of San Carlos Cebuano Studies Center informing me that I’ve been selected to be one of the fellows for this year’s Cornelio Faigao Memorial Annual Writers Workshop. I am so happy and excited! This is my first writing workshop, and I am so grateful to be given this great opportunity.

It will be held in a resort hotel in Moalboal, Cebu, from October 25-27. My family is coming along with me. We’ve never been to Moalboal, so we are all thrilled.

Thank you, God!


12 thoughts on “I’m joining the 2013 Cornelio Faigao Memorial Annual Writers Workshop

  1. good day, i was also chosen to be one of the fellows, play writing catg., but i haven’t receive any notifications that i was chosen for the workshop, but the fact is that i applied and saw my name on their press release online…wat shud i do, im from samboan…ty…guys….

    1. Hello,

      First of all, congratulations! I remember the first time I received the news that I made it to the workshop, and I was so excited.

      About your question, you can contact Raffy Polinar. He will give you instructions on when to pick up the workshop kit and other important information. Please give me your email add.

      Have fun and God bless!

  2. Here i am again sir. I just received an email from ma’am linda hall ( with the confirmation) and she said that she had replied on my emails but i didn’t responded even once. But the fact is, i havent recv even one. Another thing is that the emial she sent to me just now, according to her, had the participants info form as attachment, but dont see anything…..plz bear with me sir, i badly need some help/advice

    1. Hello. Perhaps her previous emails went into your spam folder? Or maybe she sent those emails to an incorrect email address? Either way, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that she’s able to contact you now. You can reply to her email and tell her there’s no file attached to the email. That way, she can send it again.

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