“Notes From a Playboy”







I told them that I am leaving.
Why? they asked.
The first slapped my face
With a heavy hand and
I wondered where her daintiness
Went. The second slammed
A book against my cheek and
My nose started bleeding.
Finally, the third promised me
That her entire family will
Run after me and kill me
And make it look like an
Accident. Her father happens
To be the head of a powerful
Mafia clan in Davao. But
I said, I must go, go far,
Far away. I’ve been too happy
With them. I’ve been
Swimming in a pool
Of pleasure, and now my soul
Is empty and my words
Are dry. I’ve been too happy,
I said, and I’ve been too numb.
I must find a place, a corner,
No matter how dark, where
I can pine away and


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