“Happy Mess”








I am so sorry to say
That we have invaded
Your bedroom. Where
Once there was order
And neatness, there
Is now disarray and
Messiness. You didn’t
Like it when we tinkered
With your table and with
Your things — especially
With your Parker pen. But
Now we’ve made a happy
Mess of your study.
There are boxes of
Cereals, vitamins, and
Medicines on your table
Beside the log books
And phone directory.
There are cans of baby’s
Milk beside the laptop,
Staple wires, paper
Clips, and calculator.
On top of the printer
And fax machine are
Puppets, book blocks,
And a blue, funny-looking
Cat with a frozen smile
Preparing to strike a
Percussive instrument
With a pair of drumsticks.
On top of the envelopes,
Folders, bills, and invoices
Are diapers, cotton balls,
And wet wipes. On top of
The filing cabinet are
Bottles of alcohol and
Baby bath soap. On your
Dresser are bottles of
Wilkins and Avent. Next
To your closet is a high
Chair on top of which are
Placed a doggy bag and
Tiny pairs of sandals and
Shoes. And in the middle
Of your precious bed
Lies an adorable little boy,
With short arms and short legs,
Sleeping like a king.

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