NaPoWriMo Day 25: “Hidden Name”

NaPoWriMo 2013





Adjacent the brick wall on which
Is posted the list of rules needed
To uncover the phrase that lures
The unthinking, gullible, and
Impressionable stood the man who
Countless calendars ago was
Naive, who looked at the world
With ravenous wonder. Now, the
Nuclear reality that is life
Rejected his wishes and dreams
And his questions are still
Unanswered. Not that it is in the
Least daunting for us, no. But it is
Clear that if you want to declare
His name to the world, all you
Need to do is adjust your
Inner ear. Then, readjust the lance
Which pierces the dying candle.
It’s not reel life, but real life. It
May be an arcane method, still
It works. What else can explain
The sudden appearance of red
Deers in a sea of dry reeds?
The nude rascal did away with
The need to hide his nerdiness
Rending his sandals to see
The clues hidden in a bowl of
Fresh salad. The scent, however,
Provided more clues as to the
Nature of the unearthly tune. In an
Era where the just have ears and
Light candles to show the way for the
Rest of us, the sea simply retreated
From the shore and cradled us in jest.


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