NaPoWriMo Day 18: “Joy”

NaPoWriMo 2013





Joy was the reward for hearkening to her
voice, and bright was the light that shone
on the field where giant trees bear fruit.
Golden were the hills and silvery were the
rivers. I did not hunger nor thirst. But other
voices called out from beyond the woods
where stood an ancient castle. I chased
the laughter and the whispers and ran after
the scent of perfume and promise. Upon
entering the main chamber I was greeted
by the stench of decaying flesh and muscles.
I looked up and saw the sky devoid of
stars and solace. Eyes peered out of the
surrounding darkness. The walls crumbled
at the tip of my fingers. My feet stood
unsteadily on the ground made of paper. I
retraced my steps like a slave on the
loose and clawed my way out of the rapidly
sinking fortress. In the blackness outside
I groped in desperation and found not joy.


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