NaPoWriMo Day 14: “I Am Tired of Flying”

NaPoWriMo 2013





I am tired of flying.
It does not give me the
Same thrill it once did
In my youth. I was very
Young when I discovered
I could do more than
Run and jump. It ended
Badly, though. My parents
Had to rush me to the
Nearby hospital because
I landed in a thorny
Thicket outside of town.
My body was covered with
Blood. They carried me
Frantically in our old
Jeepney. My mother almost
Went out of her mind.
But even before we got
To the OPD of the dilapidated
Hospital building, my
Wounds spontaneously healed.

I am tired of flying.
Who am I, Papa? Where did
I come from? Why am I like
This? I asked my parents
Incessantly from grade 1
To Grade 5. Papa would
Just pat my head gently
And return to his carpentry
Work. Mama would hug me
And return to her sewing
Work. In Grade 6 I stopped
Asking my questions and just
Flew far, far away to
Seek solace elsewhere.
There is peace high above
The clouds. I only fly
At night, because it’s
Darker, more peaceful. The
Night sky understands me.
It does not speak nor
Suggest answers, but at
Least it provides me with
Endless space. There is
Freedom in the night wind.
I especially love to extend
My arms wide and glide like
An eagle. Birds get frightened
When they see me so I
Always fly alone.

I am tired of flying.
We never moved to the city.
My parents are afraid of the
City. Mama told me the city
Ignites her agoraphobia.
Papa told me tall buildings
Awakens his acrophobia.
So we’ve been living here
In Leyte for as long as I
Can remember. But I already
Saw the city. I’ve been there
Many times. The first time,
I was in college. It was
Past midnight. I saw the lights
That lined the highways and
Coastal road. I saw the plazas
And the old buildings in the
Downtown area. I saw the freeways
And the tall buildings in the
City’s business districts.
I saw people dressed in office
Uniforms smoking and drinking
Coffee outside restaurants.
I was thrilled beyond words.
I hovered above like a ghost
And stalked like a predator.
Then I saw her. She was standing
Near her table in an office at
The twelth floor of a newly-built
Building in Lahug. She was wearing
Glasses and her left hand rested
On her hips while her right
Held a piece of paper. She was
Reading something, analyzing
A piece of data. She adjusted her
Glasses, placed the paper on
The table, and sipped a mug
Of coffee. At least, I knew it was
Caffeine-based because I could
Smell it. And I heard her heart
Beat faster with every sip.

I am tired of flying.
For the next several weeks
I went back to the city
To gaze at her from afar.
I would sit on the roof
Of a condo and just admire her
From a safe distance.
Sometimes I would hear her
Sing, sometimes I would hear
Only the tapping of keyboards
As she typed furiously
On her computer. She would
Stay up until one or two in
The morning most days and take
Days off during weekends. They
Always called her “Ma’am”. I
Never knew her name for
Exactly on the second week
She saw me. My mistake was that
I got too close to her. I flew
To a building closer to hers
And that was it. She squinted
Her eyes at first and then
Produced a pair of binoculars
From her desk drawer. She
Dropped her mug of coffee
And screamed. She happened to
Be watching a vampire movie
That night and scanned the
Glass walls of her office just to
Make sure an agent from
Hell was not also preying on
Her, like in the pirated DVD.
But I am not a vampire. I am
Just a regular guy who can fly
And have a few extra powers
Besides. She alerted the police
In total panic, and I’m sure
The place was swarmed with
Law enforcers a few minutes
After that. I didn’t stay long
To find out. I didn’t get to
Finish my miserable Happy Meal.
The next morning, Papa handed
Me a copy of the local tabloid
Newspaper. The headline read:
“Batman sighted in Cebu City”.

I am tired of flying.
Batman can’t fly. Superman can.
But I’m no Superman. Papa
Was disappointed in me. Mama
Wouldn’t speak to me. They said
They expected more from me. They
Said they raised me up as best
As they could, gave me everything,
Provided for all of my needs.
I felt their pain as intensely
As they felt it themselves. I
Could feel their heartbeats and
The strain of their frayed and aged
Nerves. I am sorry, I am sorry,
I am deeply sorry, I told them.
I stayed inside my room for days
And swore to myself I would never
Fly again.


2 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo Day 14: “I Am Tired of Flying”

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