NaPoWriMo Day 12: “A Man”






He sits on a concrete structure
In the middle of the road
Hugging his thin knees.
He speaks with a hightened voice
And with urgency
As if the person he is addressing
Is just beside or in front of him.
But there’s no one there to
Catch the garbled words.
Something about his father.
Is he angry at him? No.
He is smiling.
But no one is there to catch
His expression.
He pauses, then he speaks
Again. Again, it’s about his
He closes his eyes, and when
He opens them again, the world
Is still dark.
But he knows that the city
Is awake for at the back of
His mind
He can hear the sound of
Motorcycles, buses, and cars.
He can hear the sound of people
Talking and passing by.
He hears the sound of an adult
Man and woman, and their children.
Once upon a time,
He was a baby.
He was once a child, someone once
Led him by the hand and
Listened to him.
He speaks again, holding his
Grime-covered wrist
And inhales the fuel-saturated


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