NaPoWriMo Day 7: “How Do You Measure Sentimental Value?”






How do you measure sentimental value? The
Driveway is dark and empty when we got home
Tonight. There’s no telling how long it will remain
Dark and empty. Tonight, the car is parked under
An unknown tree. The gravel is sharp and the
Ground is uneven. The yard is cold and filled with
Unfamiliar shadows. An unknown hand opens its
Doors, checks the gears, explores the buttons and
Knobs. An unknown foot steps on the clutch and
Checks the brakes. Unknown fingers adjust the
Rear-view mirror. Does the stranger know that
The car is awashed in a river of memories?
Behind him, in the passenger seat, I sat close to
Her for the very first time ages ago. We were
Office mates, and she hitched a ride with us on
Our way home. She was warm and petite. Does
The stranger know that water floods the engines?
Daddy loved to check inside the hood every
Morning because it was his forte: trouble-shooting
And maintenance. He often reminded us to always
Check the radiator, engine oil, brake and clutch
Fluids. Does the stranger know that water flows
Through the windows and doors? Daddy could
Barely contain his excitement when he first bought
The car and took it home. He often instructed me
To wash it and to take special care of the windows
And wind shield. Many times, we traveled hundreds
Of miles away from the city to our province where
Farmlands, mountains and beaches stretched as
Far as the eye could see. If the stranger will
Cup his hand and press it carefully beside his ear
He might hear the echoes of conversations and
Laughter long gone. If he will scoop the air, he
Might feel the water with his fingers. If he will
Examine the seat covers and ceiling, he might
See our shadows.


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