NaPoWriMo Day 1: “Night”






I am not a poet, no, far from it.
But I am foolish enough and
Deluded enough so I shall
Write a few verses about
I know not yet what.
Shall I write about the
Night? Shall I write about
The silence made more
Silent because he is not
Here anymore with us?
You must know, let me tell
You, that, although many
Months have passed since
He has gone away from
Us, without a goodbye,
I still wake up in the middle
Of unknown hours
My subconscious mind
Screaming, yes, screaming,
“He is dead! He is dead! He is dead!”
He is gone, gone, gone,
But he can’t be dead, he
Can’t be gone. How can that
Be? He joked and talked
Lightly about it, but death
Was a nightmare that
Stood in the far distance and
Was never real. And yet,
And yet, here I am, here we
All are, waiting, listening,
Dreaming, thinking about him.
But he’s not here. Here are only
Empty chairs and vacant rooms.
Here are only conversations
Missing a voice.


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