“Little Miracle”

Pen and paper





Little miracle, that’s what you are.
I remember clearly the day of
your coming. The hour was quite early;
your mommy rushed from the bathroom
to rouse me from sleep. Half-awake, I stared
at the plastic stick in her hand
and wondered with her whether there was
one stripe or whether there were two.
My head was still hazy so
I was not sure. Later that day
she did three more tests
just to be certain. We could hardly
contain our joy for, you see,
we waited a long, long time for you.
We wished, we hoped, and we prayed
for you. He gave you to us
at that perfect moment. Lolo couldn’t
help dancing when we broke to them
the news. Everybody around us rejoiced:
Lola, Kong Kong, and I’m sure Mama-La, too.
How can a tiny dot be so beautiful
a human being? How can a mere point change
into adorable hazel eyes, chubby cheeks,
charming smile, and inquisitive hands
and feet? Here you are, lying on your belly,
perfectly healthy, perfectly concrete,
perfectly tangible. Not too long ago
you were no more than a dream.


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