“Moving On”

Pen and paper





I felt sad
a little
when they
cleaned and
rearranged daddy’s
room today. They
moved the bed
towards the center
and transferred
a table to the
sala. Small changes
but I wanted things
to remain
as they were,
because I can
always picture
in my mind
that daddy
used to lie
on this side of
the bed.
He used to
stand up in front
of that small
and kept his papers,
and wallets
inside its drawer.
They transferred
a couch to the
other house, too,
so that the original
living room
is now more spacious.
But that
changes things
and it pains
me a little
to see the objects
that were part
of our memory
of daddy
But it’s for mommy.
We all need to move on
little by little.


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