Pen and paper





Here, in this restaurant,
We used to eat.
You used to order
Bento and ramen and hot tea
And while waiting for our meals
You would rest your elbows
On the table,
Clasp your hands together
And rest your chin on them
While slightly pouting your lips.
Then, through your eyeglasses
You would look at us
Hardly saying anything
But once or twice or a few times
You would utter a remark,
An inquiry, or a joke.

But you are not here anymore
With us.
The tables and chairs are still here
Exactly as they were a long time ago
When we last ate out together.
But today, it’s just me, Bel
And your apo.
Here, in the midst of a crowd of strangers,
Surrounded by families and kids and
Loud music,
Before a plate of Maki and Gyoza,
I simply want to close my eyes
And cry.


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