Extremely Short Fictions*: Maria Clara, Superheroine

Maria Clara de los Santos was sick of waiting for Don Crisostomo Ibarra; he will never come, she’s sure of it now. There is no possibility of his escape: The jail house must be heavily guarded.

So she excused herself from the dinner table, leaving Captain Santiago de los Santos and Alfonso Linares by themselves, and locked herself inside her room. She knew what must be done and who the real villains were.

When the clock struck eleven fifteen, Maria Clara’s window slid open, and out flew a slender, shadowy figure.

The ensign was shocked to find out early the next morning that all sixteen of the civil guards in the town prison were unconscious; Don Ibarra’s cell was empty.

*This is just me practicing/ experimenting (read: having fun) with fiction. I’ll be writing stories with no more than six sentences.


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