When I continued
on in my journey
I met men
with stranger ideas.

Some thought
there is no such
thing as objective truth.
“Truth is an illusion.
Truth is a product
of our own minds.”

I came upon an odd-
looking man
with a French accent
who is in the midst of despair.

I greeted him
with a smile
but he merely frowned
and looked
me in the eye
and said,

“Hell is other people.”

I was taken aback
by his lack of
but he managed to force a smile
and went on to say,

“There is no objective meaning
in life.
we must
our own

Then he left
without saying another

I was troubled
by his remarks,
but in the end
I somehow felt sorry
for him.

I arrived
where I am now,
and I sit and rest.
I consider
all the ideas
I’ve encountered
along the way
and formed my own


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