“Middle Age”







Further along
in my journey
I met

They pointed to
the heavens
and explained to me
why it makes perfect sense
to believe
in a Supreme Being.

The material
which has so fascinated
in my journey
was actually brought
into being,
they said,
by God.

God created the world,
and God created man —
that ever-perplexing
and problematic creature.

And because God
created man,
God knows best
how man ought to live his

So these great saints
admonished me
to think not only
about how best I should
live my life,
but also,
and more importantly,
about how I should
live my life
according to
God’s will
and perfect plan.

they revealed to me,
God has in fact
not only created us
but also became like us.
God became man
and entered history
in the person of
Jesus of Nazareth.


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