“The Beginning”






I awoke
and saw the world
for the first time.

I saw lightning
and heard thunder
and felt the ground shake.

I experienced the bounty
of the earth
but also
felt the pangs of hunger
and couldn’t understand
why these things happen
and what all these
in the first place.

I began to ask

And I heard
rich stories,
lyrics and epics,

was responsible for the thunder
and lightning.
When the gods
walk the earth
the ground shakes.
When they are
at war
we experience
seasons of plenty
and seasons of want,
disease and death.

I loved
these accounts.

But something inside
wanted more.

My mind wandered.

It seemed that the
gods and goddesses
were so like us.
They have their
They have their frailties.
They have passions
and feelings
of love,
and greed.

Aren’t they
merely the
the products of our

And so I asked
and asked,
and asked.

And ventured
to think
more carefully
about these things.


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