Oh, I know where that
For I’ve seen the place.

The place is straight
and far too easy.

Oh, I know it
I’ve been there
a thousand times.

She was dressed
in soft, silken
thin and translucent.
She was always dressed
that way:

The fine ways.
The smooth talk.
The fresh scent.
The wily smile.
The beautiful eyes,
perfect face,
and flawless hair.

She waited around the
and when I came near
she held me by the wrist
and led me along
secret pathways.

The alley
became narrower and narrower,
thornier and thornier,
darker and darker,
and piece by piece,
tissue by tissue,
she shed her skin
and flesh
and muscles
until nothing was left
but her bones.

Then she stopped
and faced me
and behind her
lay a great heap
of dry, smoldering skeletons.

Beside her,
infinitely patient,
stood Death.


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