I’m trying to understand Bob Dylan

I’m listening to Tempest, Bob Dylan’s latest album.

I love it. My favorites so far are: Duquesne Whistle, Soon After Midnight, Narrow Way, and Tempest.

I saw this many months ago:

And this one last week:

Both films are fascinating. But I still don’t understand Bob Dylan: I still don’t understand why he is such a phenomenon, legend, or cultural icon. Perhaps only a person who has lived through the sixties in the West can fully understand it all?

But I absolutely love this album:

And this: (I love that it’s blues-heavy.)

What I know so far, though, is that he has an enigmatic and complex personality; he has a very unique voice; and he is a very talented and prodigious song-writer. Think about it, Tempest is his 35th studio album!


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