In which Jane Austen made me cry man-tears

We saw this tonight and we loved it. It’s one of the best romantic films I’ve ever seen. Although some of the characters and scenes were omitted, it’s still pretty much faithful to the novel. Just about every element of this movie is perfect: The cast, screenplay, cinematography, and soundtrack.

Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet were perfect as Elinor and Marianne, respectively. Their acting were just superb. And practically everyone else were excellent: High Grant (as Edward), Alan Rickman (as Colonel Brandon), Greg Wise (as Willoughby), Gemma Jones (as Mrs. Dashwood), Harriet Walter (as a more evil Fanny), Elizabeth Spriggs (as Mrs. Jennings), and of course Hugh Laurie (as Mr. Palmer).

I couldn’t resist: When the Dashwood sisters were in the Palmers’ house and Elinor informed Mr. Palmer that Marianne was very sick and needed a physician, Laurie should have said, “I’m a doctor!”

Seriously, this is one of the most beautiful and moving films I’ve ever seen, and I am not ashamed to confess that…

I cried man-tears near the end of the story!

The BBC adaptation (2008) had many merits, but this is way more superior.


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